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The development of a freeware/software and the associated website are really time-consuming activities. Even though numerous developers have chosen to sell their products and/or to add advertising inserts, I opted for a single solution only based on generous donation of users: online donation.

If you use ChemToolBox and you wish support its development, its improvement as well as the maintenance of its website (and eventually to fund a name registration and a web hosting), you can make a donation through Paypal.

PayPal is the trusted world leader in online payments. Paypal, which has more than 150 millions of member accounts in the world, allows online payments to be safely and quickly sent or received.

To make your donation, just click on the Paypal Donate button below (depending on your currency) to access to the donation page of ChemToolBox. Then, two options will be available, both exclusively administered by Paypal:

  • If you have a Papal account, put the amount of your choice, click on Recalculate and just log-in to your Paypal account to make your donation.
  • If you do not have a Paypal account, you can make your donation directly by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) as you will do for any payment on the internet. To do so, put the amount of your choice, click on Recalculate. Then, fill-in all required forms and click on Continue to make your donation.

Once your donation is processed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail about your donation.

Note that Paypal takes 3.9 % + 0.30 $ (or + 0.20 £) of your donation. As a consequence, the minimum amount of a donation should be 1 $ (or 1 £), ideally 5 $ (or 5 £).

Thank you very much in advance for your support and your generosity!

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N.B. : if you wish to donate but you prefer not to do it online through Paypal, just contact me in order to agree on the payment procedure of your choice.