The swiss army knife of the lab worker

Presentation of ChemToolBox


Welcome to the ChemToolBox website!

ChemToolBox, the swiss army knife of the lab worker, is a freeware which contains numerous scientific data very useful in a laboratory. Thanks to its own database, ChemToolBox will easily substitute to the time-consuming use of scientific books (such as Handbooks) or online databases.

ChemToolBox will be a precious help in a laboratory whether you are a chemist, a biochemist or a polymer chemist.

ChemToolBox is a freeware desitinated to a broad audience (any level students, Ph.D. or even senior scientists). More precisely, it will be the ideal partner of chemists (organic chemistry, analytical chemistry or polymer chemistry), biologists and biochemists.

In its day-to-day use, ChemToolBox will be a precious help in various fields such as:

  • Properties of solvents
  • Chemistry of solutions
  • Periodic table of elements
  • Biochemistry
  • Spectroscopy
  • Calculations and units

The aim of ChemToolBox is to be a help to the greater number. As a consequence, ChemToolBox is a freeware-type program; so entirely usable and free (certified free of virus and spyware). However, in order to support the improvment of ChemToolBox and the addition of other functionalities, you have the possibility to make a donation.

In the hope that ChemToolBox meets your expectations, I wish you a very good use!